May 2018: Use Strong Passwords/phrases to Lock Down Your Login!

Security Awareness Campaign May 2018:
Use Strong Passwords and Passphrases to Lock Down Your Login!

The security of our accounts both within and outside of the district network are only as secure as the passwords used to protect them. Considering this there's a few questions we should periodically be asking ourselves. Is your password too common? Are you reusing passwords for multiple accounts? Does your password meet strong length and complexity requirements? Have I updated my passwords recently enough? After asking yourself those questions remember that one password breach can lead to a host of unwanted issues, whether it be access to our personal banking or corporate network data.

Considering the importance of our passwords below are a few examples of what we can do to better protect ourselves.

  • Try to use long passphrases instead of shorter passwords. Using a password of at least 16 characters can greatly reduce the effectiveness of brute force attacks. (e.g., WorldsBiggestVikingsFan)
  • Try to not use the same password for multiple accounts. Remember if your password is compromised any account using the same credentials will be as well. To assist with this consider using a password manager like LastPass.
  • When possible setup multifactor authentication.
  • Consider using an app like Google or Microsoft Authenticator to utilize single use codes to authenticate to your accounts.
  • If applicable use biometric authentication such as a fingerprint reader.
  • Update your passwords regularly.

Password expiration reminders will now be appearing 30 days prior to your password expiring. When you see these notices please take the time to update your password. Below is an example of the expiration notice:

Windows 10


Mac OS


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