Allowing Web Access for Guardians

 How-To Allow Web Access for Guardians Skyward

Author:  Marie Reed

Summary:  This article outlines the steps to configure access to family access for guardians within Skyward student web.

Systems:  Skyward student web


  1. Check bottom of google doc for open requests. (They will not be highlighted in color.)
  2. Launch Skyward Student Web Application
  3. Click on Students icon
  4. Next Click on Student Profile icon
  5. In the Student field, enter the first 5 characters of the last name followed by the first 3 letters of the first name and press enter.
  6. Confirm that the name of the requestor from the email matches one of the names listed as the guardian in the Family Access tab.  Also check notes to see if any contact restrictions.  Next select the name of the person that is requesting access and then click on the edit button.
  7. Make sure that Allow Web Access has a check in the box.  Make sure there is a password in the field.  If not, click on Generate Password.  Then confirm that email address sent in by the requestor is inserted in the Home Email field.  Then click on the Save and Email option.  The password has been sent to the requestor.
  8. Go back to the google doc and enter Done in last column.  Highlight in color.

Note:  If the person requesting web access is not listed as a guardian, have them contact the Welcome Center to work on adding them as a guardian. 




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