Setting-up Your E-Pay Account


Setting-up Your E-Pay Account

Author: Andrew Hagen

  1. You need to go to
  2. Click the Login button (upper right corner of the site)
  3. Under New Customers, fill in:
    • First name
      1. Last name
      2. Home phone number
      3. Street Address
      4. City, State
      5. ZIP Code
  4. Enter User Name (Must be your e-mail address)
  5. Enter a Password. Password MUST be at least 6 characters long. You must include at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and non-letter.
  6. Click the Register button. You will be directed to a screen to "Add Participant." This would be your student's name. Add all of your children as Participants who are students in the district that you may be buying products for.
  7. Submit Participants
  8. Complete Account Set Up
  9. Click Home page to return to E-Pay to view products
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