Process Skyward Student Address Labels

How-To Process Skyward Student Address Labels
Author: Jennifer Huwe
Summary: This article outlines the process to print address labels from Skyward Student
Systems: Skyward Student
  1. From the Home Page click on "Students" , then "Student Data Mining"
  2. Click the "Add".
  3. Name Report, the select "Default Entry" Yes, and select "Student Inclusion: Include Students Who Have Data in at Least One of the Selected Field Areas.
  4. Click "Save and Add Fields"
  5. Select Fields Gen #1 – Name – Student Full Name - Click "Add This Field to Report"
  6. Select Gen #1 again –Graduation Year or Grade - Click "Add This Field to Report"
  7. Click "Save and Modify Ranges" button.
  8. In the Grade Range, check "Individual Selections".
  9. Select Grades or Graduation Dates needed.
  10. Click "Ok" and "Save"
  11. Select the sorting button on the left side of page, click edit, and select to sort labels by grade or name. Click "Save".
  12. Click on the "Address Labels" and clone the Skyward Template.
  13. Fill in Template Description.
  14. In Line 1 choose "Parent or Guardian's Name.
  15. In Line 2 Choose "Student's Name".
  16. In Label Options choose Name Order and under Family choose "Family 1 and 2". Uncheck "All Uppercase".
Click Save and Print
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