How To Send a Fax from Your Computer

 This article outlines the steps to fax a document from your computer using an Internet browser.
  1. Open up a new browser window
  2. Type in the address line
  3. You may be prompted to log in, if so, enter your AD user name and password
    • Everyone at WPS who has an email account also has a fax account
  4. To begin your fax click on "Compose" located in the upper left hand corner of window
  5. Fill out form – this is your cover sheet
    • Recipients:
      • Name
      • Company
      • Fax number you are faxing to: 
        • 9-1- area code and phone number
        • NOTE: You don't need a long distance code for long distance faxing
    • Cover Sheet:
      • Style: leave as none
      • Subject: The reason for your fax
      • Comments: Any information you want the receiver of the fax to know
    • Attachments:
      • To add a document to fax, you will need to have saved the document on your computer
      • Click on "choose file" and attach the file you want to fax
        • If you need to fax something that is not a file on your computer
        • Scan the document on copier, once received in your inbox, download, then attach to fax
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