Logitech iPad Case Issues (Not Charging / Keyboard not Responding)

The quick fix to this is to unplug and replug the case into the iPad.


How to do this:

  1. With the iPad facing you, pull the top left rubber corner towards you. Do the same with the right corner. You do not have to pull the entire rubber piece off of the case.
  2. Slide the top plastic piece of the case to the Right. This doesn't click in or anything, it should just easily slide right out.
  3. Slide the iPad upwards just enough to detach it from the case's lightning jack.
  4. Carefully slide the iPad back down to reconnect it to the lightning jack.
  5. Slide the plastic piece back in place and push the iPad back in the case.


Additionally, you can watch the official assembly / disassembly video for more details.

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